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Quality Outplacement and Career Development Service

Economic pressures often lead people to look for the quickest path to a job that is similar to the one they are leaving. Did you know a majority of applicants stretch the truth on resumes and job applications, so how could we possibly have enough information to make a good hiring decision?. Career Management is an important factor in times of economic uncertainties. In cases of termination it is still people who are the central issue: HR Managers, Superiors and the employees who have to look out for a new job.

The Donington Group (DG) provide career management also offers career transition counseling services to eligible employees. The Donington Group has over 16 offices in Australia and New Zealand, and is the global leader in creating and delivering career transition services. The Donington Group provides quality outplacement melbourne, retrenchment & career development support services to private & public sector companies.

A career transition / outplacement provider, such as donington career transition, can also help with effective internal redeployment and the introduction of internal career centres for staff at all levels, or staff at risk of redundancy, so that your organisation retains valuable skills and expertise, and reduces the costs of re-hiring. So that you can begin to focus your job search on organizations with opportunities in these same areas. Using professional career transition / outplacement support to facilitate restructuring and redeployment will make it easier for everyone involved.

As a result, this site can help you make your career transition, you will gain a better sense of your interests and how those interests may lead you to work that is more fulfilling and satisfying.

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Lowongan Kerja Kalimantan Tengah 2009
Lowongan Kerja Kalimantan Tengah 2009